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Media at Large presents  "In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel" by Tennessee Williams

Directed & Choreographed by Maria Torres



Licia James Zegar

Shashi Balooja

Ed Trucco

Brandon Lim

Alycia M. Perrin

Ryan H. Rankine 


Remaining Performances


Wednesday October 24th 8:00PM

Thursday     October 25h  8:00PM

Friday         October 26th  8:00PM

Saturday     October 27th   2:00PM & 8:00PM

Sunday       October 28th  3:00PM & 8:00PM

VENUE: STAGE 5 - New World Stages,

                              340 West 50th Street (between 8th & 9th),

                              New York  NY  10019

WEBSITE:    TEL:  (212) 239-6200



About the Play

"In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel” (“Tokyo”) is a tale of love, loss, and tremendous pain masked and healed by the artistic beauty of a painting on a “living canvas”. Mark and his wife Miriam, two Americans in a very troubled marriage, have found themselves in a Tokyo Hotel.  Mark, a once successful painter, is trying to reinvigorate his career.  His failed marriage, indulgent lifestyle and the toxicity of being trapped in a room full of paint and turpentine for days is weighing on him. He appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and has convinced himself that he has discovered color.  Sinking deeper into his psychosis, he spreads canvases on the floor and sprays paint on them while rolling around on them in the nude. Mark is convinced that he is creating his ultimate masterpiece and is racing to the finish with obviously diminishing physical and mental capabilities, and his wife’s attempts to have him committed.


There are two key elements unique to this production that add emotional depth and psychological dimension to the play, and make it even more appealing.  First, we will stage the play in concurrent streams, alternating between the hotel bar where Miriam spends her time and the room in the hotel which Mark uses as his make-shift studio. Second, we will introduce Mark’s body of work as a central character in the dialog through dancers’ movement and multi dimensional projections. 


The stunning results of our recent creative workshop led by producing Director Shashi Balooja and Creative Director and Choreographer Maria Torres, early in 2012, compelled us to continue to approach the play with segments set to movement and music, through movement providing interpretive elements of the canvasses, in conjunction with other media including live streaming video (an insight to the artist’s studio).  We are capitalizing on the tremendous opportunity to bring the images of the canvasses to life as is so vividly described in the play.


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